Panhandle West Region Heads for Possum Kingdom.

The Panhandle West Region Championship will be held this weekend, Oct. 10th & 11th on Possum Kingdom Lake. Tournament headquarters will be at Possum Hollow Resort. Signup is from 6:00pm till 7:00pm Friday, October 9th. The resort will offer discounted nightly rates for contestants. Weigh in and launch will be at Possum Hollow. Fishing times and rules will be announced at registration. Several of the Championship qualifiers will not be attending due to other commitments, so boat pairings will be adjusted accordingly at registration. Official practice days will be Oct. 8th & 9th from 6:30am – 4:00pm. You must be off the water by 4:00pm. You can contact Possum Hollow Resort at 940-549-1873 for reservations. [Note: Restaurant is not open for breakfast, Lunch & Dinner only] We will see you there.

North Central Region – 2015 Championship @ Lake Cedar Creek – Log Cabin, Texas

October 3-4, 2015
Texas B.A.S.S. Nation
North Central Region – 2015 Championship @ Lake Cedar Creek – Log Cabin, Texas

The North Central Region held its Championship of 2015, at Lake Cedar Creek, utilizing the Log Cabin City Park Ramp. Lake Cedar Creek is currently below normal pool, and many of the areas that were previously productive, have changed.  The tournament got kicked off with a playing of the National Anthem and take-off promptly at 6:50 am. A field of 26 Anglers (Boaters and Co-Anglers) were invited to the final showdown for those coveted State Team spots.

With many of our Anglers having spent a considerable amount of time on this body of water, the patterns and fishing locations were fairly secured. Cedar Creek is abundant with boat docks, and primarily that is a fairly consistent fishing pattern, figuring out the docks that actually hold those fish – is another matter – and one of constant head scratching. The lake seemed abundant with baitfish this year, as well which is good news for angling in the future, as a whole.

Lots of regular faces, and a bunch of new faces competed at the Championship in 2015. At the end of the two-day event, newcomer – Kent Sikes with the Golden Triangle Bass Club – secured the 1st Place Boater victory with a two-day total weight of 29.56. Coming in 2nd Place, was Bryon Albrecht with the HOT Bass Assassins and Region II Team BASS Clubs. Bryon worked hard on day 2, bringing in the overall Big Fish of the tournament @ 4.93, and a combined weight of 26.09, but fell just a tad short of his goal. Working very consistently over the two-day event, Gary Martin, with the HOT Bass Assassins and Region II Team BASS Clubs, brought 10 fish to the scales over the two-day period which weighed 24.34, securing a 3rd Place finish.

On the Co-Angler side, another newcomer secured the 1st Place victory – Darrell Campbell with the Golden Triangle Bass Club brought 7 fish to the scales over the two-day period that weighed 19.1 lbs. Darrell passed the previous days’ leaders, by bringing a final day weight of 12.12 to the scales. Coming in very close, was our own Tournament Director – Dan Watson – with a 9 fish limit that weighed 18.7 lbs. Dan saved his best finish for the year for last, but it was a bumpy ride for him– both day’s Boater partner’s had engine difficulties and could not get to their primary spots. Great job in overcoming difficulties – there’s a lesson to be had from experiences in life. Newcomer, Chris McLemore with the Tarrant Christian BASS Club rounded out a 3rd Place finish with a two-day limit that weighed 15.97 lbs. Great job! Chris qualified for the Championship on his first year to fish the North Central Region Trail!

The highest finishing Boater – Kent Sikes – will represent the North Central Region, in the Boater Division, at the 2016 B.A.S.S. Regional Championship, and the highest finishing Co-Angler – Darrell Campbell – will represent the North Central Region, in the Co-Angler Division at the 2016 B.A.S.S. Regional Championship.

What a great schedule for 2015! Overall, the North Central Region has continued to grow tremendously, bringing both new faces and regulars to the forefront of competing for those coveted spot(s) on the State Team at the B.A.S.S. Regional Championship. Someone will compete at the BASSMASTER CLASSIC – why not you? Come on out this next year, and I believe you will find that these events are competitive, but also conducted amongst friends. If you don’t belong to a club now, give me a call and I can guide you to some great choices that will fit your needs.

If you are not familiar with these lakes, or you would like to learn from others and experience the events as a co-angler, there are spots open for you! What a great opportunity to learn and enjoy the day with another member of Texas B.A.S.S. Nation! There has never been a more lucrative payout schedule for co-anglers than exists today – check it out:

The newest addition to Texas B.A.S.S. Nation – Texas BassMaster Team Trail (TBTT), is coming to a close with a championship at Lake Conroe on October 24-25, 2015. We are excited to see the growth this Trail has provided to BASSMASTER, so get primed for the 2016 season, get to the webpage and check it out: . What a great way to enjoy competing, with a good friend in the boat! The 2016 schedule is being finalized now, and will be published in the next couple of weeks.


Best regards,

Elton D. Brock, Director
North Central Region
Texas B.A.S.S. Nation

NE Regional Championship at Cedar Creek on October 10th & 11th

There will be 18 individuals competing in the NE Regional Championship at Cedar Creek on October 10th & 11th.

The prefishing off limits will be Sunday October 4th at 11:59 pm CST through Saturday October 10th. This is a two day event beginning on Saturday October 10th at 7:00 am – 3:00 pm Sunday will be 7:00 am – 2:00 pm. A champion from the boater and non-boater sides will automatically make the State team for 2016.

Partner Pairings for Day 1 and Day 2

Day 1
Boaters Nonboaters
1 David Porter Vince Dreiling
2 David Rush Kenneth Moore
3 Jon Harshbarger Dalton Pratt
4 Coy Fraizer Derrick Maschmeier
5 Chad Hensley Jason Geesey
6 Dan Phifer Cory Childress
7 Keith Glasby Lee McDowell
8 Dennis Canuel George Bryan
9 Randy Connover Jr Randy Abbe
Day 2
 Boaters  Nonboaters
1 Randy Connover Jr Lee McDowell
2 Dennis Canuel Cory Childress
3 Keith Glasby George Bryan
4 Dan Phifer Randy Abbe
5 Chad Hensley Derrick Maschmeier
6 Coy Fraizer Dalton Pratt
7 Jon Harshbarger Jason Geesey
8 David Rush Vince Dreiling
9 David Porter Kenneth Moore